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Mangal Jivan Trust 


Nature Can heal and refresh the us and, Hence a person should have friendship of trees + flowers + sun + sky and seasons; We can nurture the body, mind and soul by nature; 


India is having full of versatile culture + languages + rituals + beliefs + religion; India has a long journey from a painful + struggled + sacrifice based independence since 1947; We have lost lives + blood + natural resources + faith in between different religions in revolution of freedom; And end of the all efforts we have gain the extremely poor India + political disputes + india - Pakistan departure; Hence we indian was called people of “Third World” ; And Undeveloped Country and it took next 50 year to gain the fruitful result to perform and to be Independent; Because of such deep challenges; Entire human generation had to face the struggle and result of poverty + social impacted life + unemployment + scarcity of basic things like: “ Roti , Kapada , Makan “; We had to take financial help and support from other countries and world bank; There are some major challenges we were facing in 90’s like as below; 


  • Unemployment 

  • Lack of Education 

  • Poverty 

  • Human Life Value [ HLV ] was decreased

  • Social Eco System was impacted by communal discrimination 


Today we are in 2023 and we are having some different challenges; India is performing good to the world glance; But There are many issues which is highly impacted to the all the society + religions + communities + states + different age group of people and entire social infrastructure getting change; There are some points which has highly concern to Next years of India @2030; 


  • Technological Advancement Has Been leading to Individualism in the society

  • Terrorism/Silent War/Violence/Crime/Non Cooperative to authority/illegal Activities got increased in india; 

  •  Poverty is like poor people has got the different slot and it has major difference between rich and poor people 


Here we are sharing the comparison outlook about challenges of India in 1998 to 2023; Hence Today when the “ Mangal Jivan Trust “ was found by Shri Dr. Dev Yogi Dada before 20 years; Shri Dev Yogi Dada was a awaken indian citizen; and He was keenly interested to serve to the society; 


Mangal Means “ Welfare | Bliss “


Respected Shri Dr Dev Yogi Dada was highly educated and was working as academician at Gujarat state; He has to take small foot print to make a large impact to the society; He was the sensitive human being + well read person + kind person + generous management leader + ambitious + dreamer + dedicated + disciplined + team builder genius; Basically Mangal Jivan Trust is Dev Yogi dada’s dream project and He got successful milestone in last 20 years; He has built team of Non Profitable Organization which is highly committed, loyal, service driven mindset, efficient management committee in last 5 years; Mangal Jivan Trust has many golden milestone to share and yet coming best things to happened in the Organization; 



We want to bring more helping and supporting individuals + corporate sectors which can support us in terms of raising fund + increase in resources of Trust Campus + Useful Things Donation + Activities Influencers + Doctor to Serve free service; We are welcoming to volunteer individuals whom has interest to serve for Orphan House and Old Age House; 


We want to share the time + care + efforts + resources to needy people in next 20 years; To Orphan and Old Aged people we intent to do service for them to concern of rehabilitation + education + health + self independent life; And We are highly committed to this noble mission; 

Core Noble Thinking

We are having old age people at Trust Campus and They are staying with many orphan children who are not having parents and love of elders in real life; Hence they can get connect emotionally connected to each other and can live as family at Mangal Jivan Trust - Siddhpur Campus; We are living like equally loving one family; 

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