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Social Services

Friends Club

Mangal Jivan Friend Circle Club 

We have active friend circle and they are associated with social work; We are working as unity and we are participating all Mangal Jivan Trust all activities at here; We have created at club of friends who is paying 1000 INR every year and we are accepting all donation from all friends; We are managing all activities and campus all management expenses; We have below three purpose in next 10 years by this friends club; 


  • We want to increase the friends club member in next 5 years;

  • We want to organize every year social gathering for this friends club at Mangal Jivan Trust Campus; 

  • We want to organize the interactive and discussion programs from Friends Club at Mangal Jivan Trust;

Moon Mangal Jivan Trust

Cow And Animal Welfare

We are taking care of 10 cow at our animal caring center; We are independent to produce the milk of entire usage of Mangal Jivan Trust; We are getting enough milk everyday and we are providing milk to our old age parents and orphan children; We are have below two objective as goal of this animal caring center as below; 


  • We want to have better infrastructure for all animal to keep them in hygiene and clean area; 

  • We want to hire more caretaker for animals and we want to produce more milk for Campus;

stars mangal jivan trust

Jiviba’s Kitchen  

Food is essential for life and we have finest kitchen at Mangal Jivan Trust and we are providing all healthy + nutrition base + sufficient to enough food to all campus residence and visitor too; We are providing absolute tasty and hygiene driven food to all; We are having below goals for our “ Jiviba’s Kitchen “ here; 


We want to improve infrastructure and building; We want to bring some new facilities and do printing work at kitchen area and eating area; 

We want to have some electronic gadgets to use in kitchen and we can cook food nicely and can save time; 


We have some more upcoming project to start and take initiatives; But as Dadaji have left for his last journey we are focusing on existing activities as priorities and want to fulfill all defined goals as soon as possible; 

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