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Menaben Lakshamanbhai Patel

Old Age House 


“ Shri Menaben Lakshamanbhai Patel “ old age donation we have received from Lakhamanbhai Balchandbhai Patel as 30 lakhs INR; We have got the fully constructed and furnished old age home on 29th December 2008; We have privilege to welcome many saints + social activities + awaken citizen at Mangal Jivan Trust Campus; We are having 24 old age parents and isolate individuals; We are providing all end to end all good life things and facilities at our old age house; We have below objectives and we are working on same; 


  • Old age people have right to get basic things like food + roof and clothes; 

  • Old age parents and isolated individuals should have fitness from body, mind and soul;

  • Old age people can share their love, attention and time to orphan children of campus;

  • Old age people can have safe, secure and happy life at campus;

  • Old age people can get along busy with desired work and activities at campus; 

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